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Our Latest Reviews

Cindy 6 days ago

Turkey Chili (Bottomless)

Don't skip over their amazing turkey chili. It's absolutely delicious!

Jcmom 4 7 days ago

American Buffet

So many great and wonderful dish selections. Definitely going to return

Kikifoes90 12 days ago

Pasta Carbonara

This is always my go to dish at Geezers! It has a little bit of everything to satisfy your craving. Definitely recommend! Not to mention great service there!

Missjanice07 22 days ago

Blackened Chicken & Pasta Santa Fe

We love geezers. Been coming for years. Have attended banquets and just come for dinners or happy hour. Love the food. Great service.

Janderson 26 days ago

Santa Fe Chicken Salad

This salad is amazing! Geezer's does not skimp on their ingredients. I work nearby and have not found anything on the menu that isn't amazing. If I had time to review all the items I have tried all would be great reviews and I would be here for hours. ENJOY!!

Blessingsarebeautiful 27 days ago


Their hamburgers are my favorite. Geezers is a special place for our family because this is where I announced my pregnancy. My cousin also celebrated her wedding here. I highly recommend Geezers for your next special event!

Repalmer75 about 1 month ago

Filet Mignon

Probably the best filet for the price that you'll eat

Betchavarria about 1 month ago

Chicken Picatta Bow Ties

Loved my experience there with my family of five. Everyone enjoyed their meals and drinks. The margaritas were absolutely marvelous! We will be going again Saturday the 22 for a couple of birthday meal. Can wait for another experience to enjoy the great food and wonderful staff members. See you soon! Thank you for showing us a good time.

Garchaharleen5 about 1 month ago

Blackened Chicken & Pasta Santa Fe

The chicken was cooked greatly. The seasoning was on point. The pasta was my favorite. It had absolutely the right amount of pasta with the right amount of sauce. I would totally come back here and this time with my friends and family.

Msspencer2u about 1 month ago

Santa Fe Chicken Salad

My coworkers and I visit Geezers for lunch at least twice a week. What's funny is, I always open up the menu to try something different, but I end up ordering the same thing all the time, the Santa Fe Chicken Salad! The flavor, when all blended together with the dressing, is absolutely delicious. Recently my doctor told me I should eat more fish so I've been ordering the salad with blackened salmon instead of chicken and it has added another level deliciousness to this salad! Oh and by the way, when it's raining and we don't want to leave the office, we order delivery service and the meal comes with a sweet treat, a chocolate chip cookie!

Jessica.Gomez2290 about 2 months ago


Delicious! Big portions & great service!

Janette6993 about 2 months ago

Blackened Chicken & Pasta Santa Fe

Amazing food, excellent service, had 3 family parties & 1 coming up

Disney Doll17 2 months ago

Angel Hair With Fresh Roma Tomatoes

LoVed the food at Geezers!!! This was my first visit, and I am now a Life Long Customer! The service was excellent! And the food was DELICIOUS!! The pasta that I ordered was Angel Hair with Fresh Roma Tomato Sauce and it was sooo Flavorful and I loved the texture and thickness of the tomatoes! It had bits of garlic and made the perfect coating for the delicious pasta! Next.. I wanted to Rave about their house bread which is freshly made sourdough!!! Omg the best bread I've ever had... the freshness and warmness if the bread was a Real Treat*! I'm excited to tell my friends all about Geezers and I highly reccommend thiS Resturant! P.S. Can't wait to try the desserts next visit... they look AMAZING!!!! =)

Denisegarcia5511 2 months ago

Chicken Lasagna

This meal was so delicious and I have never seen a lasagna like that before because it's not a original, ordinary lasagna, it's bow tie pasta lasagna!! Also the sauce is so creamy and has great flavor!! I've been coming here since I was a child and till this day it's the best!! Amazing restaurant!!

Babylauren2005 2 months ago

Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad

Love Geezers! The food and service is always great.

Mcmarcie20 2 months ago

Chicken & Mushroom Fettuccini

I've been coming to Geezer's for at least 20 years. It is so good. I love the Chicken & Mushroom fettuccine. No other place comes close.

Bigbossrico 3 months ago

Southwest Shrimp & Pasta Wheels

Loved the sauce . Really good pasta .

Lorettarojo 3 months ago

Hot Wings

The best combination of spice and tenderness. Delicious!

Laurenkaaua 3 months ago

Chicken & Glazed Walnut Salad

Absolutely delicious! The dressing complemented the chicken and salad as a whole. Definitely going to be coming back for this!

Cecilia.Hernandez 3 months ago

Salad, Pasta And Pizza Buffet


Cathywilkins49 7 days ago


Ok we go once a month or every other month The burger this week end was wonderful I add avocado,& Bacon Yum Yum, with sweet potato fries. I have also eaten the Kitchen sink salad, Always with the Pineapple cider beer. We have been doing this for a year now. What is the most amazing feeling, when Christine, I believe is the bartender on Saturday morning. A BIG SHOUT OUT TO HER. She has always remember our choice of BEER. We walk out talking about her love for her job and how it shows. Peace TY CW

Lizzesquivel 10 days ago

Caesar Salad

By far one of my favorite salads! It's always so fresh and crisp! Never a disappointment when we come! In fact we have had many parties here and they are always on top of it with great service!

Patricia 12 days ago

Lemon Chicken Bow Ties

I love this Pasta Plate, Great Flavor & Great Tasting, Fresh Creamy sauce , We been going there for Dinner, Lunch & Happy Hours , Great Service

Nancy 25 days ago

Pesto Chicken

Food was very flavorful and fresh.

Ibnbrowne 26 days ago

Thai Chicken Pizza

This pizza was really delicious! Just enough chopped peanuts with sauce and a very good serving of diced chicken. If you like Thai food AND pizza, this is something you'll enjoy. Also, if you go during happy hour, it's 50% off. Plus you can get their thin crust which is just right, not like a cracker and yet has a nice, crispy texture. Or you can pay $1.00 more and get the toppings on garlic, cheese bread which is pretty darn tasty. Believe me, it's quite a bit of food, even for a guy! Hope you try it!

Norma Macin about 1 month ago

Fettuccini Alfredo

The best food. Good size and delicious

Guest about 1 month ago

Sandwich Buffet

Woncderful..that is all I have to say

Ms.Jisela about 1 month ago


Sooo good! A must try!

Babycakes3189 about 1 month ago

Blackened Chicken & Pasta Santa Fe

This place has the greatest food. So excited to share Father's Day here with my husband

Vivpabdan about 1 month ago

American Buffet

Took my parents there for the first time and they loved it! The food was great and they plan on returning

Alma about 2 months ago

Sauteed Jumbo Shrimp


Mhernandez about 2 months ago

American Buffet

First time there for the buffet ,everything was delicious and the staff was very kind.Thinking on planning my grandsons graduation party there for 2020.

Mmgomez1571 2 months ago

Boneless Short Ribs

Oh man!!!! the best boneless short ribs ever!!! Every item on the menu is awesome!!! Sometimes service isn't always the best though..

Letcabral1988 2 months ago

Pesto Chicken

The flavors in my Pesto Chicken were amazing! Can't wait to come back and enjoy some other dinner meals at Geezers.

Valmar330 2 months ago

Southwest Smoked Turkey

The southwest turkey sandwich is definitely my favorite item. It's so juicy with a good kick. The whole grilled bell peppers they put is one of my favorite things on the sandwich. I definitely recommend this dish.

Vip.Lisa35 3 months ago

Spaghetti With Meat Sauce Or Meatballs

It was great, started coming here after our first school banquet. Thank you for the great service as always ! ! !

Kellie.Gonzalez68 3 months ago

Pasta Carbonara

The pasta dishes here are amazing ! My family and I have celebrated many special events such as weddings, graduations and birthdays. This is the place to go. The pasta is one of my favorites but honestly everything is delicious and the service there is amazing.

Babycakes3189 3 months ago

Blackened Salmon

On January 10th I married my partner of 5 years and after our wedding he brought me and our family to celebrate. We had the blackened salmon and a few other dishes. The blackened salmon was the most flavorful well cooked salmon I've ever had. So grateful for a great wedding lunch. The hostess were so kind and attentive making for an even more enjoyable expiernce Thank you for the delicious food and the memories

Rick 3 months ago

Southwest Seafood Soupstew

Excellent dish full of flavor and lots of seafood. Every dish I've had has been good.